June 24, 2024

ORCA Card now available in Google Wallet


Seattle, WA — [JUNE 24, 2024​​​​] — ORCA is excited to announce the ​ability to save and access ORCA transit cards in Google Wallet from ​Android and Wear OS ​devices. ​Starting today, customers across the Puget Sound region can add an ORCA card to Google Wallet for convenient transit payments.

Now ORCA customers with Android and Wear OS devices can easily add their ORCA cards to their Google Wallet, enabling them to pay for transit, fund their accounts, ​purchase a pass, ​view transactions, and see trip history all within the Google Wallet app.

“We’re excited for this feature to offer another convenient payment option for transit customers using Google devices! Adding a new ORCA Card to the Google Wallet app is simple.” according to Brittany Esdaile, director of the ORCA program:

  1. Open Google Wallet
  2. Select Add to Wallet
  3. Choose Transit pass
  4. Search for “ORCA”
  5. Tap ORCA, and you’re on your way

Additionally, customers who own plastic ORCA cards can easily convert them into digital cards on Google Wallet at no extra charge. If you have an Android phone, converting your plastic card to a digital card is available for Adult, Youth, Senior, Disabled, and ORCA LIFT cards. Upon conversion, the plastic card will be deactivated, and all passes and balances will be seamlessly transferred to the phone. New Adult digital cards added to the wallet will cost the same as purchasing a plastic ORCA card: $3.

While this innovation offers new convenience to customers who have purchased their own ORCA Card, it is important to know that businesses, schools, and organizations that issue ORCA cards will determine if they enable the cards that they provide to be added to Google Wallet. Customers can contact their issuing employer, school, or organization for more information.

Paying for transit with ORCA ​from Google Wallet​​ ​is​ ​easy: Simply wake your ​​​​phone screen, tap it on an ORCA card reader, and go.

To use ORCA ​from Google Wallet​​, ​​​​​​​​​customers must have an Android ​p​hone and have their ORCA card loaded into the Google Wallet app. They can also connect a Wear OS device to Google Wallet. ​​​​​Of note, this feature is only available for ORCA cards at this time; customers cannot use credit and debit cards from Google Wallet to pay for transit in the Puget Sound Area.​

This new feature is supported by all seven participating transit agencies, including Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, and Washington State Ferries.

To ensure the best experience, customers are also encouraged to link their digital ORCA cards to their ORCA account on the myORCA app or myORCA.com.

For more information, please visit info.myORCA.com/GooglePay and stay updated with the latest news and updates by following ORCA on social media @TheORCACard.

Contact: David Jackson, Public Information Officer, (202) 486-1750; Email: david.jackson2@soundtransit.org

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