Disabilities or Medicare

Who is it for?

Card type

Disability (RRFP) – fares and passes at lower cost.

Who is it for?

Customers with an eligible disability

Card price

$0 new card / $3 replacement

In Person

Persons under 65 who qualify for a permit due to a disability can apply either online or in person. A picture must be taken when the permit is issued in person. If applying online, please provide a picture through the Reduced Fare Portal.

Adding fares to your ORCA card

There is no card fee for the first ORCA card, and replacement cards are just $3.00 each.

How and where to apply?


Apply through the Reduced Fare Portal with the same qualifying documents you would bring in person and receive your card via mail within 7-10 days.

Complete the application online and upload copies of the required documents.

In Person

Here’s more information about how to get ready for your visit.

  1. Download and print the Application Form or call Customer Information at 206-553-3000 (WA Relay: 711) to request one.
  2. Complete only the front of your Application Form and sign.
  3. Bring one of the following:
    The back grey section of your Application Form completed by a Washington State-licensed physician (M.D.), psychiatrist, psychologist (Ph.D.), physician assistant (P.A.), advanced registered nurse practitioner (A.R.N.P.), or audiologist (certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association) to meet one or more of the RRFP Eligibility Criteria
    A valid Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration
    A valid Regional ADA paratransit eligibility letter or card
    A valid ADA Paratransit eligibility letter or card from outside the region. (These applicants will receive a Temporary RRFP.)
  4. Bring one of the following, current pieces of photo identification:
    A state driver license
    A state identification card (expired cards acceptable)
    A passport
    Any government issued photo ID

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